About CBA

Coventry Badminton Association (CBA)

The Coventry Badminton Association (CBA) is the name of the organisation which run the Coventry Badminton League.  As a team of elected volunteers, we organise fixtures, collate results, run events, present trophies and ensure competitive badminton is played fairly by all clubs who participate.

The league is divided into the following disciplines with a number of divisions for each discipline based on strength & performance:

  • Mens Doubles
  • Ladies Doubles
  • Mixed Doubles

At this time, the league does not offer any singles divisions but if this something of interest, please let us know

CBA Trophies

Joining the Coventry Badminton League

Any club can join the league as long as they meet certain requirements:

  • Geographical location - to ensure all clubs don't have to travel too far
  • Venue - all clubs must hire their own venue (sports hall, school gym etc) and be able to host 'home' matches between September and May during our season
  • Registered players - all clubs must register all their players with the league

To enquire about joining the league for the upcoming or following season, please complete the Club Details form and submit it to the league secretary shown on the committee page

All newly entered clubs will enter their team(s) at the lowest division for that discipline (unless the committee decide otherwise) and may work their way up through the divisions by finishing 1st or 2nd in the league table, earning promotion to the division above, subject to league rules (i.e. maximum two teams from the same club in a division of the same discipline)

History of the Coventry Badminton League

The Coventry Works Sports Association was run through the City Council in the 1940’s and a badminton section was started in 1947.

The CWSA was disbanded in the early 1980’s and in 1981 the badminton section became the Coventry Badminton Association with an appropriately amended Rules and Constitution

In 1981 the CBA had 50 Clubs with:

  • 12 Mens Divisons (88 teams)
  • 7 Ladies Divisons (40 teams)
  • 12 Mixed Divisions (81 teams)

In 2009 the CBA had 22 Clubs with:

  • 5 Mens Divisons (37 teams)
  • 6 Ladies Divisons (28 teams)
  • 4 Mixed Divisions (42 teams)

In 2018 the CBA had 22 Clubs with:

  • 6 Mens Divisons (37 teams)
  • 3 Ladies Divisons (22 teams)
  • 4 Mixed Divisions (29 teams)

We are proud to be one of the largest and most popular badminton leagues across the West Midlands and hope more clubs will join the community and enjoy some competitive badminton!


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