Club Name Change

Posted on 1st October 2013 by Graham Chilvers

Please be aware that Barkers Butts have been renamed to Aerotech Labs Badminton Club.

They also have a new venue for Wednesday matches and different start times for their matches.

For further details see the Clubs page.


Posted on 19th September 2013 by Graham Chilvers

Please be aware that all of the fixtures have now been entered onto the website. They are entered manually so there may be occasions where slight mistakes have been made.

So if anyone spots any errors then please advise the relevant Match Results Secretary, Rachael for Ladies & Mixed and Graham for Mens as soon as possible, so that they can be corrected.


New Season

Posted on 15th September 2013 by Graham Chilvers

Would ALL clubs who have not yet sent in their fixtures and nominations, please make sure that they are with the relevant Committee member BEFORE any of your matches are played.


Also please remember that if your club’s League Fees have not been paid before you play ANY matches, your team will be penalised league point(s), as per the new rule that was voted in at this year’s AGM.

Club withdrawal

Posted on 12th September 2013 by Graham Chilvers

Due to unforeseen circumstances Ash Green have been forced to withdraw all of their teams for the forthcoming season. Due to the late notice there is nothing the committee can do to reorganise divisions.

We regret the situation but there is nothing the league can do at this late stage.

League Fees

Posted on 11th September 2013 by Graham Chilvers

Please remember to pay your league fees as soon as possible.


See the new rule affecting them here –


“All teams must pay their league fees promptly and prior to any matches being played, failure to do so will result in a 1 point penalty for all Mixed and Men’s matches and a 2 point penalty for all Ladies matches played until fees have been received by the Treasurer.”

SO PAY UP NOW, please.

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