Mixed Division 2

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Mixed Div 2 League

Aerotech Labs 1109156339
Warwick Bears 193635463
St Philips 283532403
Aerotech Labs 2102835552
Central Sports 380819530
* = void rubber and no match point awarded

DateHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
26/09/18Aerotech Labs 16Aerotech Labs 23
26/09/18St Philips 27Warwick Bears 12
28/09/18QDJ8Central Sports 31
09/10/18Knowle7Warwick Bears 12
10/10/18Aerotech Labs 22Aerotech Labs 17
12/10/18Central Sports 33St Philips 26
12/10/18QDJ5Aerotech Labs 24
22/10/18Aerotech Labs 24Warwick Bears 15
23/10/18Knowle 9St Philips 20
26/10/18QDJ4Aerotech Labs 15
05/11/18Central Sports 33Warwick Bears 16
06/11/18Knowle 6QDJ3
07/11/18St Philips 24Aerotech Labs 15
09/11/18Central Sports 34Aerotech Labs 25
19/11/18Aerotech Labs 13Knowle6
21/11/18St Philips 27Aerotech Labs 22
23/11/18Central Sports 34Knowle5
04/12/18Knowle7Aerotech Labs 22
05/12/18Aerotech Labs 19Central Sports 30
17/12/18Aerotech Labs 17Warwick Bears 12
04/01/19Central Sports 31Aerotech Labs 18
08/01/19Knowle6Central Sports 33
16/01/19St Philips 23QDJ6
16/01/19Warwick Bears 14Aerotech Labs 25
28/01/19Aerotech Labs 24QDJ5
30/01/19Warwick Bears 14Aerotech Labs 15
01/02/19QDJ6St Philips 23
08/02/19QDJ6Warwick Bears 13
11/02/19Aerotech Labs 18QDJ1
11/02/19Warwick Bears 17St Philips 22
13/02/19Aerotech Labs 24Knowle5
22/02/19Central Sports 3QDJ
06/03/19Aerotech Labs 2Central Sports 3
06/03/19St Philips 2Knowle
18/03/19Aerotech Labs 1St Philips 2
18/03/19Warwick Bears 1QDJ
20/03/19St Philips 2Central Sports 3
01/04/19Aerotech Labs 2St Philips 2
02/04/19KnowleAerotech Labs 1
03/04/19Warwick Bears 1Knowle
08/04/19Warwick Bears 1Central Sports 3

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